About Champion

Do you love hardcore trainings?


Are you passionate about weight lifting sports?


You value a unique atmosphere over artificially pumped comforts?


If yes, Champion Gym is a place just for you! Situated in the heart of Cracow's Kazimierz, Champion Gym was opened many years ago by a multiple medalist in bodybuilding - Wiesław Wnęk.

We know that there are no excuses between you and your success, this is why we are offering you a great opportunity to focus on your dream goal – a perfect shape, which everybody around will envy you. We are sure, that our extraordinary atmosphere will help you find determination necessary to achieve this success. We offer our help and individual approach to everybody who decides to train with us. What's more we have tons of weight waiting just for you.


But you're ready for that, aren't you?


Open hours:

Monday- Friday: 6am- 10pm

Saturday 8am- 6pm

Sunday 8am- 4pm


Single workout

13,90 zł


14 days, no limits pass 49,9 zł
8 workouts, no time limits 69,9 zł
12 worouts, no time limits 104,9 zł
30 days (from 6am to 3pm)  59,9 zł
30 days (students) 69,9 zł
30 days, no limits pass 79,9 zł
90 days, no limits pass 199,9 zł
180 days, no limits pass 389,9 zł


Womans have 20% off!



we realize the card FitProfit



Champion Bodybuilding Gym

Kordeckiego Street 7

31-071 Cracow

Phone: 12-422-41-27